Sunday, November 27, 2016

Falls restaurant in Henderson

This is Falls restaurant in Henderson. It looks like the fictional B&B I have written in my Book, The Playgroup Club. I share this photo. May be I visited it in my dream.
You are right Terry, it's the only still standing wooden hotel from 1853 in the whole New Zealand which is being used as a Restaurant.

 The Falls Restaurant is an iconic events venue in Henderson famous for weddings, corporate functions, casual breakfast, lunch & formal dinner service.[tn]=kC&ft[qid]=6357802856015694308&ft[mf_story_key]=-6906747776063050887&ft[ei]=AI%402c5794979203fd0b473914fa57b0a66b&ft[top_level_post_id]=10154231842359217&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&ft[insertion_position]=1&__md__=1&hc_location=ufi

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